What Is the Frequency in MHz of a Beam of Blue Light Whose Wavelength Is 4000 Angstroms?


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The frequency of blue light with a wavelength of 4,000 Angstroms is 750,000,000 megahertz (MHz). The speed of light divided by wavelength equals frequency; therefore, the answer can be calculated using simple unit conversion.

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The speed of light is 3 x 10^8 meters per second. An Angstrom is a unit of measurement used to express the distance between the peaks of two waves. Because the speed of light is given in meters per second, Angstroms must be converted to meters. One Angstrom equals 10^-10 meters. Therefore, 4,000 Angstroms is equal to 0.0000004 meters. Divide 3 x 10^8 by 0.0000004, and the result is 7.5 x 10^14. This answer is an expression of wave frequency in units per second, or hertz. There are one million hertz in a megahertz. Therefore, the answer in hertz is divided by one million to achieve the final answer in megahertz.

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