What Are the Freezing Points of Some Different Liquids?

Fresh water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius, while salt water freezes at -2 C. Propane freezes at -188 C, ethanol at -114 C and methanol at -97.6 C. While normally found in the solid or frozen state, gold freezes at 1,064 C and lead at 327.5 C.

Normally occurring in a gaseous state, oxygen freezes at -218.8 C, nitrogen at 210 C and hydrogen at -279.1 C. Carbon dioxide freezes at -78 C, while carbon freezes at 3,550 C.

"Melting point" and "freezing point" are interchangeable terms as the temperature at which a material melts during heating is the same as the temperature at which a material freezes during cooling.