What Is the Freezing Point of Aluminum?

The freezing point of aluminum is 1221 degrees Fahrenheit. The freezing point is the same as its melting point. Aluminum’s boiling point is 4473 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the periodic table, aluminum has an atomic number of 13, and its chemical symbol is Al. It is a metal that is silver in color and lightweight. In 1825, Hans Oersted discovered this element in Denmark when he extracted a small amount of it by reacting aluminum chloride with potassium amalgam.

Although it does not occur in pure form in nature, it is abundantly present in the Earth’s crust. It makes up approximately eight percent of the Earth’s crust. Aluminum also is present in alum and the ore bauxite.

Aluminum and its alloys have many uses in the manufacturing of products like cans, aircraft fuselage, foil, window frames and in the construction industry.