What Is the Formula for Tin (IV) Phosphate?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Apr 8, 2020 8:31:06 PM ET

The molecular formula for tin (IV) phosphate is Sn3(PO4)4. According to the Royal Society of Chemistry, tin (IV) phosphate is an ionic compound with a molar mass of 736.0154 g/mol.

This chemical compound is composed of three tin (IV) ions, ionically bound to four phosphate ions. Each tin (IV) ion has a 4+ charge. Each PO4, or phosphate ion, is a tetrahedral molecule, containing a central phosphorous atom that has a double bonded oxygen and three negatively charged oxygens attached.Therefore, each phosphate ion has a 3- charge. For tin (IV) phosphate, the sum of all positive and negative charges equal zero.