What Is the Formula for Nickel Bromide?


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Nickel bromide is a chemical compound with the formula NiBr2. Its molar mass is 218.5 grams per mole, and its density is 5.098 grams per cubic centimeter. Its melting point is 1,765 degrees Fahrenheit, and its solubility in water is 134 grams per 100 milliliters at common temperature.

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Nickel bromide can be obtained from the reaction of nickel with bromine or from the reactions of hydrobromic acid with nickel, nickel(II) oxide, nickel(II) carbonate or nickel(II) hydroxide. It is classified as a weak reducing agent, and it produces nickel(II) hydroxide when it reacts with bases. It irritates the skin, and it is considered a toxic substance and a suspected carcinogen.

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