What Is the Formula for Magnesium Phosphide?

The molecular formula for magnesium phosphide is Mg3P2. Magnesium phosphate represents a general term for salts that are comprised of magnesium and phosphate. These salts are found in three essential forms, which are monomagnesium phosphate, dimagnesium phosphate and magnesium phosphate tribasic.

The molecular mass of magnesium phosphide is 134.884. The atomic weight of magnesium is 24.312. The atomic weight of phosphorus is 30.974. Magnesium is comprised of three atoms, while phosphorus is comprised of two. Magnesium phosphide is commonly found in two widely used consumer products. These are antacids and laxatives. In addition, magnesium phosphide is also utilized in the manufacture of some insecticides. It is an inorganic chemical compound.