What Is the Formula for Isobutyl Bromide?

Isobutyl bromide is represented by the molecular formula C4H9Br. As indicated by the formula, a molecule of isobutyl bromide contains four atoms of carbon, nine atoms of hydrogen and one atom of bromine. It also goes by the name bromoisobutane.

When the chemical is the isomer 1-bromobutane, its formula is written as CH3(CH2)3Br. Other isomers of isobutyl bromide are tert-butyl bromide and 2-bromobutane. An isomer is a molecule with the same chemical formula but a different molecular structure. Isobutyl bromide is a colorless liquid with a molecular weight of 137.03 grams per mole. Isobutyl bromide can cause skin and eye irritation and should not be ingested.