What Is the Formula for Colbalt III Sulfide?


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The formula for cobalt(III) sulfide is Co2S3. It has two cobalt atoms and three sulphur atoms. It is also known as dicobalt trisulphide. It is part of a family of compounds called cobalt sulfides, all of which have similar chemical formulas.

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The atoms in dicobalt trisulphide are bonded together covalently, meaning that they share electrons across all the atoms collectively. The covalent bond in cobalt(III) sulfide is polar, meaning that the electrons are not shared equally. The Roman numeral III in the name of the compound indicates that the cobalt atoms are positively charged, and this is what gives cobalt(III) sulfide its polar character. The electrons in this compound tend to stay closer to the sulphur atoms, although they still travel around the cobalt atoms as well.

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