What Is the Formula for Barium Iodide?

formula-barium-iodide Credit: SSPL via Getty Images/SSPL/Getty Images

The chemical formula for barium iodide is BaI2. In this formula, Ba is the chemical symbol for barium, and I is the chemical symbol for iodine. The numeral 2 written after the I indicates that the molecule contains two atoms of iodine for one atom of barium.

Barium iodide can be formed through the reaction of heating BaI2(H2O)2 to separate out the two H2O molecules. Barium iodide The compound exists as an anhydrous solid and a hydrate solid (BaI2(H2O)2), with both forms having solubility in acetone, water and ethanol. Anhydrous barium iodide has a molar mass of 391.13 grams per mole.