What Is the Food Web in the Jungle?


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According to All About Wildlife, the jungle's food web consists of insects who feed on plants, insects who are eaten by spiders, insects who eat spiders, and at least one species of spider that feeds on birds and mice. This food web goes on until it reaches apex predators, who sometimes eat each other. The food web in the jungle is very complex. It is not a linear system.

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What Is the Food Web in the Jungle?
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All About Wildlife reports that the top predators of the jungle are tigers, leopards, jaguars, alligators, crocodiles, big snakes and rain forest eagles. These top predators sometimes eat one another. Some crocodiles and snakes kill one another. Eagles become prey to other animals if they land in the wrong location. A crocodile or snake might attack a tiger, leopard or jaguar as well.

Monkeys, apes, and lemurs are the primates of the jungle. There are birds that eat snakes and snakes that eat birds. There are snakes that eat some mammals, such as rodents, but there are also many mammals that eat snakes. There is variation in which animals eat other animals, which is usually dependent upon age. Older animals are typically less of a target while baby and young animals are susceptible to being eaten by a wider range of other animals.

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