How Do You Fix a Table When You Put Nail Polish Remover on It?

To fix a table after nail polish remover spillage, users need to go through the refinishing process. Finger nail polish remover contains acetone, which eats away at paint and varnish.

When applied to wood, nail polish remover can leave a spot on the surface of the table. To fix the problem, use a sander or a piece of sandpaper, a brush, and a color that matches the rest of the table. First, clean up any existing liquid. After the liquid is completely dry, sand lightly with a fine grain sandpaper or sanding disc, removing the uppermost layer of varnish or paint. Then brush away loose debris and apply a coat of pain or varnish and allow to dry. For a small spillage, just sanding and recoating the immediate area is acceptable, but for large spills, achieve the best results by sanding the whole table and refinishing.