How Do You Fix a Hormone Imbalance?

How Do You Fix a Hormone Imbalance?

According to Forever Health, hormone imbalance can be treated through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, proper diet and exercise. BodyLogicMD states that hormonal treatment is commonly administered using pills, creams and gels. Other forms of hormonal treatment involves the use of pellets, injections and patches.

BodyLogicMD explains that bioidentical hormone creams are administered with the use of a syringe, while some gels are applied to the vagina. Moreover, hormone pills are commonly taken with food for fast absorption and patches allow absorption of hormones through the skin.

Forever Health explains that hormone imbalances may result from high insulin levels, sedentary lifestyle, exposure to environmental toxins, and excessive consumption of hydrogenated fats. Moreover, the age of the person is also a factor that may cause hormone imbalance.

According to Forever Health, a person's diet has a huge impact on his overall health. Excessive intake of specific types of food may cause diseases as well as hormone imbalances. Maintaining a healthy weight is considered to be very important because excess fat can lead to imbalances of hormones.

Forever Health explains that physical activity can help maintain hormone balance because it can reduce the level of cortisol and regulate serum insulin levels. It is also stated that a 30 to 60 minute moderate exercise every day can have a significant effect on hormone balance.