What Is Five Liters Equal To?

Five liters is equal to 5,000 milliliters and is the approximate equivalent to 5.28 U.S. liquid quarts. It is also approximately equivalent to 21.13 cups, 169.07 fluid ounces, 10.57 pints and 1.32 gallons.

Liters and milliliters are units of volume in the metric system, which is the official system of measurement in most industrialized nations of the world except for the United States. The metric system is based on the number 10, so most conversions involve little more than moving a decimal point. Ounces, cups, pints, quarts and gallons are units of volume used primarily in the United States. These U.S. customary units are based on the imperial system of measurement. The basic conversion factor for liters to U.S. customary units is 1 liter is equivalent to 1.06 quarts.