What Do Fingers Look Like?


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Fingers are longer than they are wide, have three hinge joints demarcated from the outside by bumpy wrinkles called knuckles, and have a horny sheath called a fingernail covering the top side of their tips. Fingers attach to the hand and are generally found in groups of five.

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What Do Fingers Look Like?
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Fingers are located on the upper extremities, on the end furthest from the torso. They are also known as digits. They make up the most flexible and maneuverable part of the hand. Originating from the hand, they are divided up at the base of the palm into individual organs, each with three hinge joints (except for the thumb, which has only two).

Covered in skin that bunches up at the joints or knuckles, fingers are mostly bone and contain no muscle. Instead, the muscles that move the fingers are located further up in the forearm. The bones making up the fingers are called phalanges.

Fingers end in finger nails: a flat, keratinises sheath that protects the top side of the finger's tip. Finger nails are sometimes decorated with nail polish. In their natural state, finger nails range in color from yellow to white.

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