Where Is Fibrocartilage Found in the Body?

fibrocartilage-found-body Credit: Michael Dorausch/CC-BY 2.0

Fibrocartilage is found in intervertebral discs, pubic symphysis, anulus fibrosis, menisci and in the temporomandibular joint. It is the only type of cartilage that has both type one and type two collagen.

Fibrocartilage is made up of a mix of white fibrous tissues and cartilaginous tissues in various amounts. The cartilaginous material is what allows fibrocartilage to be flexible, while the fibrous tissue makes the cartilage more durable. If other types of cartilage in the body are torn, the body will use fibrocartilage in some cases to repair the tear. The breaking down of fibrocartilage is one of the key factors in degenerative disc disease, which is a source of back pain for many people.