How Does a Female Bodybuilder Get 17-Inch Biceps?

How Does a Female Bodybuilder Get 17-Inch Biceps?

A female bodybuilder can get 17-inch biceps through heavy exercise, a good diet, resting and dedication. Receiving proper nutrition and resting as much as the body requires are just as important as lifting weights.

The process of building muscle is the same regardless of gender. Putting stress on the muscles by performing heavy exercises releases inflammatory molecules, which in turn damage the muscles. As a response, each time a muscle heals, the body takes the heavy work into consideration and tries to make the muscle stronger than it was. If the athlete helps her body by taking the necessary nutrition and resting as much as her body requires, the muscles grow.

Women athletes must consume about 200 more calories per day than their basal metabolic rate. Likewise, they must consume at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. The extra calories are necessary so that the body receives the additional building blocks it can use to build additional mass. The protein is absolutely crucial to ensure that the additional mass comes in the form of muscles, not fat.

One fundamental difference that affects female athletes is the amount of testosterone in their bodies. In general, women have less testosterone than men and may find it harder to enlarge their biceps. Testosterone promotes muscle growth through by synthesizing protein, inhibiting protein breakdown, activating satellite cells and stimulating various anabolic hormones. Strength training also helps women athletes release more testosterone and makes the testosterone receptors in their muscles more sensitive.

The barbell curl is a traditional move that targets the biceps. To perform it, hold a barbell with a shoulder-width grip and keep your arms straight toward the ground. Curl the barbell to your chest while keeping your elbows and backs still. Release the weight slowly and repeat.