Is the Female Bladder Smaller Than the Male Bladder?

female-bladder-smaller-male-bladder Credit: Patrick Feller/CC-BY 2.0

The female and male bladders are approximately the same size and have a similar capacity of about 2 cups of urine, according to Dr Oz. The primary differences between the male and female bladder include shape and location, and a woman’s bladder has slightly thinner walls.

The misconception that smaller bladders are the reason women use the bathroom more frequently is false. As a result of age and childbirth, a woman's pelvic walls become stretched, which weaken the pelvic muscles and thin the pelvic walls. A man's pelvic walls remain thick and free to expand as the bladder fills up. Additionally, when the pelvic walls are stretched, they can develop holes. For that reason, women must exercise the pelvic muscles regularly.