What Are Some Features of the Florida Hurricane Zone Map?


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The Florida hurricane zone map divides Florida into risk zones and shows the proper evacuation routes for each zone. A search feature allows users to find their zone by putting in their home address. The map provides information about the risk of damage from hurricane winds as well as post-hurricane flooding.

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The Florida Division of Emergency Management created the hurricane zone map to help local governments provide residents with evacuation information and to ease evacuations for residents in the event of a storm-related emergency. Detailed county maps further break up areas into evacuation zones. By encouraging residents of each zone to take specific evacuation routes, the maps reduce traffic congestion and allow quicker evacuations. The maps also make it clear which areas are at the greatest risk for storm-related damage to speed evacuations in the neediest areas first.

Some counties in Florida's central region do not have specific evacuation zones or routes. The Florida Division of Emergency Management recommends that all Floridians seek specific information from their local emergency management program before evacuating in the event of an emergency. The Florida surge zone maps provide similar information to Floridians about evacuating when flooding is imminent. Surge zone maps give information about the risk of flooding in a specific area for hurricanes ranging from category one to category five.

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