What Are Some Features Common in Oak Trees?

What Are Some Features Common in Oak Trees?

Oak trees are known for reaching massive heights, have spirally-arranged, broad leaves and produce fruit in the form of acorns. Most oaks are deciduous trees that are free of pests and diseases.

Oak trees are part of the beech family. They are known for their longevity and can live for over 200 years, sometimes living to be 1,000 years of age. They do not produce acorns until they mature at around 20 years old. Oak trees commonly reach heights of 100 feet and have crown spreads of 150 feet across.

Oak trees have simple leaves that are elliptical in shape. The leaves have solid stems and range from two to five inches in length. The top front portion of an oak leaf is shiny while the underside is dull with a rough texture. Oaks are monoecious, which means each tree produces both male and female flowers.

The bark of an oak tree changes as it ages. Young oak trees have dark brown bark. Older oaks feature reddish bark that sometimes turns black. Older oak trees also have scaly, ridged bark.

Oak trees produce wood that is praised for its hardness and durability. The wood has a high tannin content and features grain markings.