What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?


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Some psychologists believe that a person's favorite color can be a direct representation of their personality. For instance, people whose favorite color is blue are thought to be calm, sensitive and reliable, whereas people who prefer red are very determined, outgoing and aggressive.

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People who like green are often quite honest, trustworthy and caring individuals, but can also be overly concerned about what others think about them. If a person's favorite color is yellow, it often signals that they are an extremely happy, upbeat person, but also someone with a strong need to continue learning new things. Orange is a special case, as it is usually a combination of the red and yellow personality traits, often denoting an incredibly warm, happy and fun loving person.

People who love purple can be quite unconventional in their attitudes and ways, and this color is also often associated with more artistic or creative people. A person whose favorite color is brown is generally very stable, hard working and down to earth, and they usually make good friends due to their reliable nature.

Although many people thank only introverts would choose black as their favorite color, this isn't necessarily true, although the color definitely symbolizes a very sensitive, careful nature. On the other hand, people who like white are thought to be very rational, structured people who like things to be simple and straightforward.

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