How Fast Does Jupiter Spin?

Assuming the rotation speed is measured at the equator, Jupiter rotates at 28,273 miles per hour; however, its polar regions move slightly slower, which is possible due to Jupiter's gaseous composition. Jupiter makes one full rotation in just 10 hours, and these 10-hour days make Jupiter the solar system's fastest spinning planet.

Jupiter has an elliptical orbit, and it takes Jupiter 12 years to make a revolution around the sun. Jupiter is gigantic; in fact, more than 1,000 planets the size of Earth could fit inside it. It is best known for its great red spot, which is actually a spinning storm similar to a hurricane. The storm itself is 3.5 times the diameter of Earth. NASA launched the Juno spacecraft in 2011, which is estimated to arrive on Jupiter in 2016 with a goal of learning more about this mysterious planet.