What Are Some Famous Asteroids?

famous-asteroids Credit: Michael A. Pancier/Moment Open/Getty Images

Dozens of asteroids orbit throughout the galaxy, but the most famous are those that have impacted the Earth. Asteroids that do are best known by the major craters they leave behind. The Vredefort crater was created by an asteroid nearly two billion years ago in South Africa. The crater has a radius of 118 miles and is believed to be the largest asteroid crater.

The Sudbury Basin in Ontario, Canada, dates back 1.8 billion years; an asteroid left a hole with a diameter of 81 miles. This is the second-largest impact crater in Earth's history.

An asteroid created the Acraman crater about 580 million years ago in South Australia. The impact site is located in Lake Acraman and is roughly 56 miles in diameter.

The Woodleigh crater is in West Australia. The impact occurred 364 million years ago. The crater is no longer on the Earth's surface, but the diameter is estimated to be between 25 and 70 miles.

The Manicouagan crater in Quebec, Canada appeared 215 million years ago. It's considered the best-preserved crater on Earth and has a diameter of 62 miles.

The Morokweng Crater was made 145 million years ago. The crater is near the Kalahari Desert in South Africa.