What Family Does Argon Belong To?

On the periodic table, argon belongs to group 18, which is the noble gas group or family. Argon is an inert gas that has the atomic number of 18 and a melting point of -308.83 degrees Fahrenheit. Its chemical symbol is Ar.

Sir William Ramsay and Lord Rayleigh were the two chemists who discovered this element in 1894. Argon, which is a colorless and odorless gas, is present in small amounts in the atmosphere. Through the process of fractional distillation, Ramsay and Rayleigh isolated argon from liquid air.

Because argon is inert, it's used as an inert gas shield for welding, as well as in incandescent light bulbs, lasers and glow tubes. Argon lasers and argon-dye lasers are important in the medical field for use in eye surgeries and for the treatment of certain skin conditions.