How Is a Facial Beauty Score Calculated?


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A facial beauty score is calculated using several mathematical equations to gauge whether or not a person is generally perceived as beautiful. These equations measure geometrical symmetry within the face, the distance between facial features and facial ratios.

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Facial beauty analysis involves the use of the "golden ratio" as well as several other mathematical formulas that were created after statistical studies and research determined which facial features most people found beautiful. Certain statisticians that specialize in facial structures are able to perform in-depth facial measurements, and software applications have been developed for this purpose as well. Anaface, a shortened version of "Analyze Face," is one particularly popular program. Anaface determines facial beauty by using 17 data points for its comparison. It then uses numerous mathematical equations to determine the user's beauty and returns a score ranging from one to 10.

Anaface developers suggest that this software is useful for helping people pinpoint their least attractive features so that they can work on improving their physical appearance, if they desire. It may also be useful for cosmetic surgeons to show patients the structure of their faces before procedures. The drawback of using the app is that there is no universally standardized idea of beauty.

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