What Are Some Extinct Animal Species?


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Some animals that have become extinct during the past century include the Golden Toad, the Zanzibar Leopard, the Po'ouli, the Pyranean Ibex and the West African Black Rhinoceros. Other extinct species include the Quagga, the Caribbean Monk Seal, the Sea Mink and the Tasmanian Tiger.

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Some scientists believe that the world is going through the sixth major extinction event in history. Modern extinctions are driven mainly by human activity like hunting, deforestation, pollution and other ecological trauma. There are many extinct species of reptiles, amphibians, birds, mammals and fish. There are also several instances of extinct insects, such as the Dutch Alcon Blue Butterfly and Madeiran Large White.

The Round Island Burrowing Boa is an example of an extinct reptile. The golden toad is an amphibian that went extinct in 1989. Extinct bird species include the Po'ouli, Spix's Macaw, the Great Auk and the passenger pigeon. The Bubal Hartebeast and the Javan Tiger are both examples of extinct mammals. The Tecopa Pupfish is a species of fish that was declared extinct in 1973.

As of 2015, there are an estimated total of 905 species listed as extinct and another 16,928 that are threatened to be extinct. These estimates include both plant and animal extinctions.

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