How Do You Express 155 Lbs in Kg?


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To express 155 pounds in kilograms, you must simply multiply 155 x 0.454 to arrive at the answer of 70.37 kilograms. This works because 1 pound is equal to 0.454 kilograms.

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The answer assumes that you are dealing with pounds at the standard gravitational acceleration of 32.2 ft/s^2. This is because pounds is a measure of force (mass times acceleration), and kilograms is a measure of mass. To explain further, a 70-kilogram object would still be 70 kilograms on the moon even though there is less gravity. Mass exists independent of gravity. However, since pounds is a measure of mass times acceleration, the 155-pound object would only weigh 25.7 pounds on the moon, since the gravitational acceleration on the moon is only 16.6 percent of that on the Earth.

To compare mass to mass between imperial units and metric units, you would need to convert pounds to slugs. For example, 155 pounds divided by 32.2 ft/s^2 equals 4.8 slugs.

Incidentally the equation above, force equals mass times acceleration (F=ma), is Newton's second law of motion. Newton's second law states that the acceleration of an object depends upon the sum of the forces acting upon the object and the object's mass.

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