How Do You Explain the "mystery Spot"?


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"Mystery spots" are found in many places around the United States, and are the result of unusual local topography. A mystery spot is typically purported to be a place where some force of nature, usually gravity, behaves in unusual and mysterious ways. Many mystery spots feature houses where visitors can walk at odd angles across the floor or walls and areas where water and dropped balls roll uphill.

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Behind all of these phenomena is a localized geological upheaval. When geological forces in an area cause a section of land to rise unevenly, the result is a pronounced tilt in the terrain. This is common across the world, and sections tilted in this way range from very small beds of stone to vast areas of countryside.

Sometimes, however, the force that was tilting a small patch of land in one direction is overcome by a larger uplift that tilts the surrounding area in the opposite direction. Where this happens, the pronounced tilt of the surrounding terrain creates a false horizon that human brains orient to visually.

Since the entire mystery area is tilted in a way difficult to perceive at a glance, gravity seems to pull diagonally rather than vertically. The effect is exaggerated by the uneven subsidence of local structures, which heightens the effect.

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