What Is an Exotic Angel Plant?

An Exotic Angel plant is a plant that is grown in the Hermann Engelmann Greenhouses, Inc. Engelmann Greenhouses, Inc. is a respected grower of plants that focuses on providing over 400 different species for gardeners.

A gardener that purchases an Exotic Angel plant is not only buying a well-known brand name, but is also purchasing a healthy plant. Although Exotic Angel plants come in a variety of species, the majority are easily recognized by the layman gardener and include ficus, asparagus, aloe and agave.

Although each plant comes with specific care instructions and lighting requirements, Exotic Angel plants share many of the same care requirements. For instance, the plants need to be placed in a location that receives plenty of sun, as long as it is not direct light. They should be exposed to a humid environment, which can be accomplished by occasionally watering them with lukewarm water and misting them with water daily. The plants need to be fertilized each spring using a fertilizer that is slightly heavy in phosphorus.

The Exotic Angel Brand was established in 1971 by Hermann Engelmann in Apopka, Fla. As of 2014, the company operates 3 million square feet of greenhouses and delivers plants worldwide.