What Is an Exoplanet?


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An exoplanet is a planet that orbits a star other than the sun. The first exoplanet found, 51 Pegasi B, was discovered in 1992, and over 800 have been discovered since.

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Exoplanets are too far away to observe directly, so when searching for them, astronomers look for the effects a planet can have on the star it orbits. The most common method is Doppler spectroscopy. By observing a star's visible light spectrum, astronomers can tell if the star is moving away from or towards the earth. If a star moves back and forth at regular intervals, this indicates that an orbiting body with sufficient gravity to affect the star's position is present.

Another method, transit photometry, looks for a star that experiences regular, tiny amounts of dimming that could be caused by something passing between the star and the observer.

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