What Are Examples of Wind Erosion?


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According to the CK-12 Foundation, the most common examples of wind erosion are rock formation and desert varnish. Wind erosion can also affect much smaller rocks and structures, as evidenced by the desert pavement in the Mojave Desert.

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What Are Examples of Wind Erosion?
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The CK-12 Foundation explains that the constant effects of wind erosion result in the removal of smaller particles in the ground. This erosion leads to a lower, rockier surface that is known as desert pavement. Desert pavement can be found in climates like the Mojave desert, and serves as an excellent example of the continued effects of erosion on a relatively flat terrain. Desert varnish is another iconic example of the effects of wind erosion as it forms when exposed desert rocks develop a dark coating from the constant barrage of wind.

The natural rock sculpture in the Altiplano region of Bolivia is a unique wind erosion structure, due to its narrow base and wide top. The Great Sphinx of Giza is also believed by many anthropologists to be a modified version of a yardang, a structure that was created by constant wind erosion. The base of the Sphinx may have been formed entirely through erosion and modified to have a more artistic appearance.

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