What Are Some Examples of Tubers?

Some examples of tuber vegetables include all potatoes, cassava, yams, sweet potatoes, taro, jicama and dahlia roots. Tubers are vegetables with edible, bulb-like roots or subterranean stems.

Tuber vegetables are divided into two categories: stem tubers and root tubers. Stem tubers have edible, thickened rhizomes or stolons, which are like subterranean stems, and grow just below the soil. All types of potatoes, such as white, red and new potatoes, are stem tubers. Yams, which are starchy tubers originally from West Africa, are also stem tubers. Root tubers have enlarged, edible roots and tend to grow deeper in the soil. Sweet potatoes, cassava, taro, jicama and dahlia are all root tubers. Sweet potatoes have a sweeter, somewhat softer flesh than regular potatoes and typically have a red-orange skin and flesh. Cassava roots are very starchy, with a tough, fibrous exterior and are used often in South America and West Africa. Taro roots, commonly used in Pacific Island and Polynesian cuisine, have a nutty flavor and can become purple-tinged when cooked. Jicama tubers are native to Mexico, have a very crunchy texture and can be enjoyed raw. Dahlia tubers look like thick, brown carrots and have a crisp texture similar to apples.