What Are Examples of Temporary Magnets?


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A nail that is used in an electricity experiment with wire coiled around it is an example of a temporary magnet. When the electrical current is on, it acts as a magnet, but when it's off, it is no longer magnetic.

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Several temporary magnets are available. The definition of a temporary magnet is one that does not hold its magnetism at all times. The electric chime doorbell is an example of this because it only acts as a magnet when the button is pressed and makes the chime bar hit it. This type of magnet is known as an electromagnet because electricity is what makes it work.

It is possible to make an electromagnet that will pick up paper clips only using a 1.5-volt battery. Electromagnets can be made in all different sizes and strengths. Experimenters can increase the strength by increasing the current and using a larger coiled wire.

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