What Are Some Examples of Six Simple Machines?

Examples of six simple machines include windmills, slides, chisels, drills, blinds and seesaws. A windmill is a wheel and axle, slides are inclined planes, a chisel is a wedge, a drill is a screw, blinds are pulleys and a seesaw is a lever. Simple machines allow humans and animals to do work more easily by lessening the amount of force needed to move objects.

A windmill features a rod in the middle of a wheel that turns when the wind blows. This wheel and axle machine uses a centerpiece attached to the center of a balanced circle. A drill is a screw, a simple machine made of a twisted inclined plane wrapped helically around an axis. A screw moves things from a lower position to a higher position, a movement that allows a drill to dig deeper into wood or dirt.

Slides are inclined planes that make getting down from tall heights easier. An inclined plane allows objects to be pushed or pulled gradually up a slope rather than lifted against the entire pull of gravity. Chisels are wedges that push things apart. Wedges are two inclined planes placed back to back.

Blinds utilize a pulley system to raise and lower an item. The blinds go up and down when a string is pulled that moves other strings that gather or release the plastic pieces. Seesaws are simple levers that move weights up and down by balancing the necessary force on a central point or fulcrum.