What Are Some Examples in Scientific Method in the Past?


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Examples of using the scientific method in the past include Robert Grosseteste determining that research must be measurable in the 1200s, the gathering of information using notebooks and the discovery of tools like microscopes. Some of the scientific methods developed in the past have been used in the modern world.

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One of the earliest examples of the scientific method is Robert Grosseteste deciding that experiments should rely on measurable data. Later on, Leonardo da Vinci began using notebooks to record information regarding the human body. Scientific advances were made during the Renaissance and early modern eras, including the use of microscopes to analyze organisms that are not visible to the naked human eye, and using a heliocentric model to map the movements of planets.

During the 1600s, Galileo became the first person to use telescopes to look at the sun and planets. In the 1700s, great advancements were made in the field of chemistry as Antoine Lasovier introduced the law of conservation of mass. Further advances were made in chemistry when John Dalton developed the atomic theory, and in the field of biology Mendel introduced genetic concepts. In the same century, significant advances were made in physics, as Ohm's law and theories surrounding voltage were introduced. Albert Einstein, who developed the theory of relativity, introduced some of the most renowned scientific methods during the 20th century.

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