What Are Examples of Science Experiments for Sixth Graders?


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Some science experiments for sixth graders include investigating the effects of music on heart rate, determining which soda has the most detrimental effect on teeth and investigating the effects of weather on mood. Sixth graders can apply more strict control parameters to their experiments than younger students.

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To investigate the effects of music on heart rate, students need a heart rate monitor, a wide selection of music and a number of test subjects. Students can hypothesize about which types of music are more likely to cause an increase in heart rate among test subjects. The experiment itself involves playing the same music selections for different subjects and then measuring their heart rates.

To examine the effects of soda on teeth, students can select different brands of sodas and test them out on samples of granulated limestone, which has properties similar to human teeth. Students can observe the pH levels of their test solutions along with physical changes in the limestone.

Testing the effects of weather on mood is an in-depth project that requires significant data collection. Students must survey a range of participants about their moods on days with different weather. Students can either survey participants daily or provide them with materials to track their daily moods over a period of time. After compiling the data, students must then analyze it and draw conclusions.

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