What Are Examples of Renewable Energy Jobs?


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Renewable energy jobs involve the creation and maintenance of a renewable energy grid. Many of these jobs can be found in a diverse array of industries, such as structural and electrical engineering, while others are specific to the energy source, such as hydrological engineering or meteorology. A number of non-technical jobs, such as general labor and transportation, are created by investment in renewable energy.

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The main sources of renewable energy are wind, solar, hydroelectric and geothermal power. Any job involved in building, expanding or maintaining the equipment needed to generate these energy sources can be considered a green job. A technician who inspects wind turbines, for example, occupies a job in renewable energy that might not translate to an analogous position with an oil or coal company. A mechanical engineer who works on drilling equipment, however, has skills that relate to both geothermal power generation and oil extraction. Whether this is considered a job in renewable energy depends on the specific project.

As many energy projects involve building facilities in remote locations, such as offshore wind farms, desert solar plants and hydroelectric dams, they often create a number of subsidiary jobs. A boat pilot who transports technicians to offshore turbines is one example.

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