What Are Examples of Organic Materials?

Jason Pratt/CC-BY 2.0

Examples of organic materials include wood, paper, textiles and animal parts. Organic materials are any type of materials that are found in nature or are made out of items that are found in nature. Organic materials are composed solely of organic compounds. These compounds contain the element carbon, which is widely found in nature in plants and animals. Organic materials naturally deteriorate over time, according to Preservation 101.

Organic materials can be man-made from natural, organic compounds or can form naturally in nature. To be formed in nature, organic materials are built up overtime by nutrient cycles. Over an extended amount of time, organic matter becomes more complex and intricate.

Living organisms all contain carbon and other organic compounds. As they die and decompose, they are broken down into simple compounds. These compounds can then be polymerized together to create new organic matter.

The organic matter formed in nature also contributes to the overall ecosystem of the area. After it has formed it can be a great nutrient source for other living organisms. Organic matter in nature can also act as a buffer to keep the environment more basic than acidic. Most importantly, it neutralizes acid rain so that ecosystems are not harmed from acidic rainfall.