What Are Some Examples of Omnivorous Desert Animals?


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Due to the paucity of resources in the desert, many inhabitants adopt an omnivorous lifestyle so that they can find food more easily. For example, a variety of foxes, lizards, birds and insects are just as eager to consume protein-based foods as they are vegetation.

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Canids of the desert, including foxes and coyotes, are primarily carnivores; they hunt rabbits, rodents and birds. However, many canids consume berries and other fruits when they are available. For lizards living in the desert, insects and other invertebrates are often their preferred food, but they gladly eat flowers when they can. In addition to containing calories, vitamins and minerals, flowers are a source of much-needed water for animals living in the desert.

Many of the birds in the desert eat whatever foods are available. They may consume a grasshopper in the morning, while spending an afternoon collecting berries from shrubs. Crows and ravens are the best example of omnivorous desert-dwelling birds, as they eat virtually anything they can find, including carrion, snakes, fruit, vegetables and human trash.

Insects such as beetles and cockroaches may consume any organic material they find. While they are unlikely to attack living prey, these insects are important scavengers that feed on dead animals.

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