What Are Examples of MCAT Physics Questions?


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The Medical College Admissions Test is a computer-based test that medical-school admissions departments use to gauge future success as a health professional. Multiple-choice tests include questions about physical sciences, verbal reasoning and biological sciences. Some websites offer free practice tests. Questions about physics are in the physical science portion of the test.

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One sample question involves missile velocity. Suppose a missile is fired at an angle to the horizontal and wind resistance is negligible. The initial horizontal velocity is twice that of the vertical velocity component. The trajectory of the cruise missile can best be described as: a) semicircular, b) translational, c) parabolic or d) hyperbolic.

Another sample question includes work done by a pendulum. Twin pendulums hang from the ceiling on massless strings. The red sphere of mass (m) is raised higher than the blue sphere and released from height (h). The red sphere hits and adheres to the blue sphere before swinging to the other side of the arc. How much work did gravity (g) do on the red sphere when it was moved to its release point? The choices are: a) mgh, b) -mgh, c) 1/2(mgh) or d) cannot be determined.

A third sample question talks about the circumstances in which the normal force of a box is greatest. Choices are in an elevator that is stationary, moving upwards at a constant rate, accelerating downward or accelerating upward.

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