What Are Some Examples of Magnets?

Jeffrey Coolidge/Digital Vision/Getty Images

One example of a magnet is a refrigerator magnet. These are also called permanent magnets because they always retain a certain degree of their magnetism. There some other general categories for magnets, such as temporary magnets and electromagnets.

Temporary magnets are objects that will act like permanent magnets when they are in a strong magnetic field. Many household objects are temporary magnets, such as paperclips, staples and other related objects.

Electromagnets are magnets that use electrical power to create very powerful magnetic fields. Electromagnetism actually is the technology that allows computers and televisions to work, according to How Magnets Work, a reference site on magnet science topics. Electromagnets work by having a metal core, usually iron, surrounded by a coil of wire. The wire carries a current, which creates the magnetic field. When the current is turned off, however, the apparatus is demagnetized.