What Are Some Examples of Herbivores?

Elephants, rhinos, moose, squirrels and giraffes are all herbivores.Herbivores are the second level of the food chain and are the primary consumers, or first consumers, on the food chain.

Many people think that herbivores must eat the same food every day, but herbivores actually eat a variety of plant foods. It depends on the kind of herbivore. Grazers are herbivores who eat grass and other small plants that are found on or near the ground. An example of a grazer is a squirrel. Browsers are herbivores who eat leaves off of plants, shoots and twigs. Browsers eat primarily food that is higher up in the air. Some of the largest herbivores are both grazers and browsers including elephants, moose and rhinos.

Herbivores have ridges in their teeth that make it easier for them to chew food into smaller pieces, and they can digest it easier. These animals are also built in ways that help them gather the plant food that they need, such as the giraffe. Giraffes are built with long, tall necks that can help them reach the treetops for leaves off of acacia trees. Deer are able to bend easily to eat grass. Herbivores can also be found in a variety including the desert where kangaroo rats, mice and other small rodents snack on seeds and small plants.