What Are Some Examples of Forest Animals?

What Are Some Examples of Forest Animals?

Some of the animals found in a tropical forest include the jaguar, the macaw, lemurs and monkeys. In a temperate forest, depending on the latitude, there might be black bears or badgers.

Jaguar is a South American word that means "the hunter that kills with a single leap." This powerful spotted cat does exactly that, its fur the perfect camouflage for blending into the forest backdrop and ambush hunting. The colorful macaws, found in shades of blue, yellow, red and green, are large members of the parrot family. They usually live high in the forest canopy and are social animals.

Wild lemurs live only on the island of Madagascar, and like macaws, spend much of their time in the canopy. Their prehensile tails, a trait they share with some monkeys, allow them to grasp branches as they move through the trees. Nearly 90 percent of monkeys live in tropical rainforests. Some species use rocks and sticks to help them find food.

The American black bear is at home on the forest floor, but can climb trees if needed. Often a mother bear chases her cubs up a tree if she senses danger. Black bears can also be brown- or cinnamon-colored, distinguished from the grizzly bear by size and a slimmer snout.

Badgers live in burrows on the forest floor and are members of the weasel family. One of their favorite foods is rattlesnake. The badger`s coat is so thick that the rattlesnake bite has no effect.