What Are Examples of Flora?

According to eFloras, an online database of global flora, the Cannabaceae endlicher family of plants are a small and diverse example of North American flora. The Cannabaceae endlicher family can be either annual or perennial, erect or twining and with hair-like structures that either do or don't secrete calcium carbonate. The cannabis family of plants is a sub-family of the Cannabaceae endlicher group of plants.

Although the term "flora" is conventionally used to include plants, some scientists also use it to describe bacteria. To differentiate between the two, plants should be referred to as "plant flora," and bacteria should be referred to as "bacterial flora." A prominent example of bacterial flora present on almost all skin surfaces of the human body is Staphylococcus epidermidis, according to TextbookofBacteriology. It asserts that the bacteria observed to live in symbiosis with humans are collectively referred to as "normal flora of the gut." The University of Colorado at Boulder claims that the normal flora of the gut are functional units of immunity to humans by competing with pathogenic bacteria for space and food, producing substances that are toxic to pathogenic bacteria and lowering the pH of gastric fluids, so that pathogenic bacteria cannot survive.