What Are Some Examples of Environmental Slogans?


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Some examples of environmental slogans are "You Must Be the Change You Wish to See in the World" and "Hear the Trees Falling?" The latter is designed to get people thinking about the sometimes silently disappearing forests.

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Many environmental slogans are designed to get people to think about the loss of the environment. For instance, "Ignore It and It Will Go Away" highlights the danger of disappearing species, as does the slogan "Can You Hear the Eco?" Some slogans focus on the future, encouraging people to think of the next generation; for example, "What Will Your Children Drink?" and "What Will Your Children Breathe?"

Another example of an environmental slogan is "Melting Ice ? A Hot Topic?" This slogan illustrates the danger of melting ice and rising sea levels. The World Environment Day adopted this slogan in 2007.

"Kick the CO2 Habit" uses a common phrase to suggest that people depend too heavily on cars and other carbon dioxide-producing devices. This was the official slogan used by the World Environment Day and the United Nations Environment Programme in 2008. Along the same lines, another slogan suggests reducing traffic congestion and its associated carbon dioxide emissions by going "Green for Bikes."

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