What Are Examples of Environmental Issues?

There are many examples of environmental issues, some of which are interrelated, including climate changes and biodiversity. As global warming leads to a loss of habitat for species already under stress, it increases the likelihood of their extinction. According to the National Wildlife Federation, biodiversity is essential to the health of the planet

The Nature Conservatory warns of the potential loss of coral reefs within 70 years. Global warming and man-made pollution kill the algae responsible for the coloration and feeding of the coral through a process scientists call coral bleaching. Without the return of the algae, the reef dies.

In many locations, the lack of clean water is of great environmental concern. Without clean water and sanitation practices, disease claims the lives of the most vulnerable in the human population, but polluted streams also affect the biodiversity of an area. Irrigation of crops to increase food production leads to a buildup of salt in the fields, so they are no longer capable of producing crops.

Human population growth is an environmental issue because more people require more food, space and natural resources. Humans often meet these needs through deforestation, which is the removal of trees for fields and homes. This decrease in trees leaves the planet less able to contend with the carbon dioxide created by humans, thereby increasing global warming. The loss of forest habitat decreases biodiversity as plants and animals lose their natural environments. Growth in human population increases the need for clean water, but at the same time, it increases the amount of water pollution.