What Are Some Examples of Death Valley Animals?


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Some examples of Death Valley animals include big horn sheep, several species of bat, rabbits, foxes, coyotes, many varieties of amphibians, birds, reptiles and even fish. There are hundreds of kinds of birds, and several dozen of the other kinds of animals, but only five species of fish.

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Although it may have a foreboding name, Death Valley is home to a wide variety of animals that inhabit its rocky and hot terrain. The famous road runner bird is found in Death Valley, among other species. However most species found in Death Valley do not live in that area exclusively. There are only a handful of species found only in Death Valley, which makes sense given the dangerous conditions of the region.

Some examples of animal species originating in Death Valley, found exclusively there or discovered there are the chuckwalla lizard, the Amargosa springsnail, the Death Valley pupfish, the June beetle, the Devils Hole pupfish and the Saratoga Springs pupfish.

The group of fish called pupfish consists of several species that are known for living in extreme or isolated conditions. Pupfish do not grow very large and are comparable in size to the minnow. They are very active fish, constantly searching for food to sustain themselves in their usually less than ideal environmental conditions.

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