What Are Some Examples of Chemistry in Everyday Life?

Some examples are of chemistry in everyday life are a flat tire taking up less space than an inflated one, an aerosol can exploding in fire, the reaction of the human body to carbon monoxide and medicine. By applying general chemistry laws, one can see how chemistry is used in everyday life.

Every day some type of chemical law, equation or reaction is used or demonstrated. From plants and photosynthesis to the daily products people use, chemistry is prevalent.

  1. Avogadro's Law
  2. This is one of chemistry's gas laws and states as the number of moles of gas is doubled, so is the volume. This is true as long as temperature and pressure does not change. A simple example is the fact that a flat tire takes up less space than an inflated one.
  3. Amonton's Law
  4. This is another gas law which states that the gas pressure doubles as the temperature doubles, as long as the volume and amount of gas does not change. An aerosol can exploding in fire is an example of this chemical law.
  5. Reaction to carbon monoxide
  6. As a human inhales carbon monoxide, it interacts with the normal hemoglobin-oxygen reaction. It bonds to the hemoglobin in groups of four, resulting in a chemical reaction within the body in the form of a flushed face.
  7. Medicine
  8. This is perhaps the easiest example of how chemistry is used in everyday life. One example, according to the American Chemical Society, is the drug Simvastatin. It is made with a combined engineered enzyme and chemical process.