What Are Some Examples of Biomedicine?

Biomedicine encompasses several keystone practices in Western medicine, such as immunology, toxicology and the widespread use of antibiotics, according to OpenLearn. Because biomedicine is the model used for all medical practice in the West, it is so fundamental to how health is viewed that it permeates all Western medical procedures.

Biomedicine is the current model that applies biological and other natural-science principles to human health. It incorporates germ theory, which has lead to the use of antibiotics, immunizations and the use of X-rays and CAT scans. Biomedicine is also the foundation of laboratory testing and biopsy procedures, which are very commonly used to diagnose and monitor major diseases such as cancer and AIDS in the United States today. Examples of biomedicine can be as straightforward as any physiological or biological account for health, or lack of health, including methods that aim to "repair" the part of the body that is malfunctioning, according to OpenLearn.