What Are Some Examples of Arachnids?

examples-arachnids Credit: USGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab/CC-BY-2.0

Examples of some arachnids include: ticks, mites, scorpions and other spiders. The Arachnida class includes more than 100,000 species, and they all have eight legs.

Arachnids' bodies are in two sections, the cephalothorax and the abdomen. Arachnids do not have wings or antennae. They lay eggs to reproduce.

Arachnids exist in nearly every land habitat and a few aquatic habitats. Most of the species prey on other insects and invertebrates. They catch their prey in webs and squirt digestive juices onto the prey before sucking out the juice inside. An exception to this is mites, who feed off fungi, bacteria and plants.

There are several orders that fit within the Arachnid classification. The araneae order includes most spiders. Common characteristics of this group include the ability to produce silk which they use to make webs and create egg sacs.

Scorpions have their own order, called scorpiones, which includes more than 1,000 species that feature a segmented tail that ends in a stinger. Daddy longlegs spiders are part of the opiliones category and are harvestmen, making them harmless to humans. Species in this category have the two sections of their bodies fused so closely together it appears to be one continuous oval and they have exceptionally long legs in comparison to their small bodies.