What Is an Example of a Saturated Solution?

A glass of sweet tea with a lot of sugar is an example of a saturated solution. A solution becomes saturated when no more solute can be dissolved by the liquid because it already contains as much solute as it can hold.

A saturated solution made from a glass of sweet tea is an easy example to reproduce. The tea is the solvent, and the sugar is the solute. One starts by adding sugar to the tea until the liquid is cloudy and sugar begins to settle at the bottom of the glass. This yields a saturated solution, as the tea can no longer dissolve any more sugar. It is easier to do this with iced tea, as more sugar can be dissolved in a hot liquid than in a cold liquid. One can also make a saturated solution of salt and water, adding salt to the water until it no longer dissolves and settles at the bottom of the glass.